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In the News

March 2012

March 2012 – quoted in the Guardian and Telegraph discussing space weather and geomagnetic storms.

September 2011

ESA top story on work using Cluster to explain 'ultrafast auroras', published in Physical Review Letters. You can read the story here

July 2011

To co-incide with the last flight of the Space Shuttle, Imperial Reporter interviewed several people asking for their thoughts about this occasion. You can read my interview here, and others here.

February 2011

In February 2011 I was contacted by the Physics World website and asked about STEREO's first 360 degree view of the Sun. You can read the article here

October 2009

In October 2009 I was interviewed by the Daily Tech website about the THEMIS and ARTEMIS missions. You can read the article here

June 2009

In June 2009, Cluster and Double Star reached 1000 publications in peer-reviewed journals. I appeared in the top 10 list of scientists, who had published the most first author articles using Cluster/ Double Star data. The European Space Agency wrote a press release about this, which you can read here

December 2008

In December 2008, the European Space Agency wrote a press release about my article on the science of space weather, which was published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. The press release is here

December 2007

In December 2007, I took part in a press conference at the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco. UC Berkeley produced an associated press release which you can read here. The NASA press release is here, but see our bios here and the associated materials here.

Following the press conference, I did an interview for Alaska Public Radio (based on the THEMIS press conference), which you can listen to here!

The THEMIS press conference generated several articles in different publications - some articles are at the following sites: physorg.com, space.com, canada.com



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